The Age of Surveillance Capitalism — Book Summary

Discover how Google and Facebook are getting rich off of your data A Book by: Shoshana Zuboff

Surveillance capitalism converts all elements of human experience into data and sells it to a variety of corporations for a number of purposes.

Prior developments in capitalism aided in the relaxation of restrictions and the transformation of mindsets for the online age.

Early fears about online privacy were put to rest in favor of lax monitoring regulations.

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Google’s Street View and Glass operations are excellent illustrations of how indignation may be transformed into acceptance.

Surveillance capitalism’s data collecting is becoming increasingly granular.

Surveillance capitalists seek to discover critical points of sensitivity in order to improve the likelihood of purchase and behavior change.

Surveillance capitalism’s invasive, all-powerful future does not have to be regarded as unavoidable.

Source: Chad Crowe

Surveillance capitalism isn’t “inevitable,” and people aren’t eager to give up their privacy for the sake of convenience.

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